About CBL India

CBL India Pvt Ltd is the R&D branch of Computer-Based Learning Sdn Bhd, a company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that specialize in specialist software and systems development for both education and industry; as well as the simulated business and entrepreneurship training program based on the ‘Learning by Doing’ methodology as advocated by its head network Europen-PEN International.

Apart from designing system applications and providing technical support to its sister companies, CBL India Pvt Ltd undertakes selected open software development tender projects, both in small, medium and big scale categories as an income generating project. These tender projects involve the deployment of proprietary software as well as the development of totally new software.

Another main business activity is functioning as a server hosting house for third party companies. CBL India has the capability and capacity to help in the holding company’s strategy to be progressive and relevant as an IT based solution provider in the industry, for the local and international market alike.

Leveraging on the expertise housed at CBL India Pvt Ltd; the company also runs the simulated business and entrepreneurship training program through its training centres called Practice Enterprise located in Hyderabad itself. The Practice Enterprise simulates a software development house and train participants on the full spectrum of managing software development projects.